The Journey of the grape

This project was part of an exhibition called Keten met Eten / Food for Fun, organized by students at the Man and Activity department at Design Academy Eindhoven.

The aim of the project was to arrange an exhibition for children aged 4-8 years, to improve their awareness of food.
The event took place during 4 days and schools around Eindhoven were invited to participate.

The Journey of the grape was an interactive installation, where the child entered into a space with a screen and a box filled with grapes. The child was encouraged to take a grape from the box and eat it. When doing so, a switch triggered a stop motion movie to appear on the screen. The movie showed the journey of the grape, through the childs body as he/she ate it.

The project got very positive response from both children and tutors.

In collaboration with Marta Sif Olafsdottir.

Pictures by Marta Sif.


Video about the Food for fun exhibition. Made by Brigitt Albers.